This package is a specially created collection of organic herbs to support your adventure with the wonderful "Sensory Sleep System" by the Seed Sistas. This herbs have been selected to ensure a better understanding of how to deepen, lengthen and allow a quality and beneficial relationship with your sleep patterns.


The study programme:


The  package contains the following herbs in the correct amounts to allow you to savour, connect, taste and fully create with the course:


  • vervain (30g)
  • wood betony (30g)
  • lime flowers (30g)
  • Californian poppy (30g)
  • wild lettuce (30g)
  • hops (130g)
  • valerian (130g)
  • Chamomile (130g)
  • Lavender (100g)


The herb package uses fully compostable or recyclable materials along with beautiful image designs for each herb.

The herb package will be posted out to you on February 23rd by first class, tracked post. 



Sensory Sleep System Herb Package