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The really WONDERFUL Sensory Solutions Seed Sistas have a new online, interactive month long course beginning on March 3rd to explore your sleep and stress patterns. 

Hedonic Herbs CIC is excited to have been invited to create a herbal package to support this learning, providing all the dried herbs that you need to explore on the course. These can be bought individually or as a full package.



The herbs for the Sensory Sleep System online course have been specially selected by Nicola of Hedonic Herbs to ensure that the study course has beautiful, organic & wildcrafted herbs for you to engage with. With recyclable or compostable packaging and unique BEAUTIFUL botanical label designs by the wonderful Claire Beth Gibson a.k.a





the herbs can be bought in a package including all herbs required for the course, or as individual packets. Although the course has now finished, the herbs are still available should you wish to extend course access.

Having the plants on your journey of health is an invaluable resource, and throughout the Sensory Sleep Course the Seed Sistas shall be inviting you to get more and more familiar with these herbs in the form of tea tastings, pillow creations and generally acquainting yourself more deeply with these trusted friends!

Tea and Scribbles Vervain
Elderberry by Tea&Scribbles
Echinacea Cone Flower
Thyme & Liquorice
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